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Forge of Empires

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Kategoria: Przeglądarkowe, Po polsku
Język: Polski
PvP: Yes

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Ostatnio mamy do czynienia z niezwykłym wręcz wysypem browserowych gier strategicznych. Forge of Empires próbując się zatem "wstrzelić" w trendy które teraz panują na rynku, jest esencją takich właśnie przeglądarkowych strategii, wprowadzając przy tym parę nowych i ciekawych rozwiązań.
Grę zaczynamy w epoce kamiennej, mając po swoją opieką niewielką wioskę. Tutaj już możemy zauważyć pewne rzeczy odróżniające Forge of Empires od innych gier, mianowicie przechodzimy tutaj przez całe epoki, budując naszą potęgę militarną i ekonomiczną. Do tego wszystko przedstawione jest za pomocą ładnej i co najważniejsze, przejrzystej grafiki.
Podczas naszej drogi ku dominacji będziemy rozwijać własne miasto, odkrywać nowe technologie, walczyć z wrogami a wszystko po to by na końcu zostać władcą kontynentu. Więc jeśli myśl o władzy i wielkich bitwach nie daje ci spać po nocach, Forge of Empirs jest dla Ciebie!


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Guest written : 06.10.2013 - 14:32
Your right in every way they are over trying. There is abulostely no need to create armies anyway. The main strain of the game is materials without them you are up the duff and you can't progress forward in the major resource chain!!Also the other problem you have when you create an army is you don't get to keep them once established, when you delete your camp for a better more advanced soldier camp or whatever camp you lose the ones you took so much effort creating. they should at least give you an option to can them or keep them to help with new attacks, They need to rethink how this game is going as its not going to so clever so far. Hype is though. http://dxustfqla.com [url=http://vizhpretjku.com]vizhpretjku[/url] [link=http://ujuxitorh.com]ujuxitorh[/link]
Guest written : 05.10.2013 - 19:02
I found the text of this latest diary post a bit<a href="http://toedbkjww.com"> msielading</a> You cannot establish a large army because there is an (artificial) limit of 8 units. All player armies are 8 units at full strength. Essentially, there's no such thing as a large army. Or a small army. Your troops aren't already on their way because the game doesn't work that way. There is no travel time for PvP attacks.I would not call these PvP conflicts fierce because they're fake conflicts your foe takes no actual losses and you fight against an AI, not an actual human. The only effect a defending player has is setting what troops you fight against (either the default 2 spearmen or a set the defender has chosen).You can't really challenge another player because that player has no idea that's he's being attacked. That player is never told he was attacked. Ever. Nor are battle results ever shown to a defending player. Is it even fair to call these PvP attacks?
Guest written : 05.10.2013 - 10:43
Hey ,Listen , i think it would be sooo cool if you could play forge of empires on taletbs that have flashplayer! That way people who play forge of empires wouldent have to stay at home or bring the laptop whith them , because as long as theres Wi-Fi you would be able to play Forge of Empires in SOOO many places .. because its not convinient to bring a laptop whith you , but whith a tablet its small thin and its not heavy :D Basicly youd be able to get supplies .. taxes even more frequently even when your out of the house ;D http://gdddxdzj.com [url=http://abjdis.com]abjdis[/url] [link=http://yyugdaxwh.com]yyugdaxwh[/link]
Guest written : 03.10.2013 - 10:51
Still get often a serverproblem of<a href="http://uugnsrohoqz.com"> dsctonneciing</a> and often an inpossibillity to reenter the game , problems are server Fout , it is not the first time or the second time , it is a very frequent comming problem , especially , when you go back to thew headmenu and want to return to the playmenu , try to avoid these kuind of problems.A second problem is there when someone attacks you , becuse then the system stops also atoumattically , how can these errors get solved in the near future , because it frustrates to not be able to play when you want , especially when you play from internet pubs where you have to pay by hour.
Guest written : 02.10.2013 - 09:33
What on erth is wrong with this sever? I'v never seen amy thing like it and i'v played a lot of dffeerint games and game types all over the world and I'v never had this type of problem eg it will only load 50% of the time, at least every day that i'v played it stall's/locks-up at 60%-70% on the load screen some times I dont even get to the load screen. flash wont load fully even after waiting 2hours and not touching a thing to cause load issues.. I'v tryed changeing browers like IE9 , Opera , firefox and also making sure that there's nothing else down/up loading on my computer , updtaed Adpbe flash , restarted modem many of times , even test other online game sites (which work fine when i do) to make sure all is good at my end . i waste up too 6hours a day do this plz explane?????? other then that it's not a bad game to play.( I wish I could buy it so if I can't get online at least I could still play it).


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